As a Christian parent, have you ever wondered how you can teach God’s Word to your children? It’s not enough to simply send your children to Sunday School. Here are five easy ways to help children learn, understand and retain the Word of God without getting bored or distracted.

Concentrate on helping your children understand: Rather than have your kids memorize biblical facts and knowledge, focus on helping your child understand the meaning of the Bible’s message. In a verse about forgiveness, talk to them about a situation in their life. Applying God’s Word to everyday life allows children to engage with it better.

Help them have an experience: Have your family give to someone in need without expecting anything in return. This imparts the concept of grace. If your child has just engaged with Ephesians 4:29, encourage him/her to write or draw a kind note to a friend or family member. This will impart the message about kind words.

Keep looking for teachable moments. Sadness, anger, excitement, awe, and wonder can be leveraged as teachable moments. When your child is in an emotionally heightened state, try gently introducing God’s Word to help him through the moment. Use the sight of a beautiful sunset to teach your child about the wonder of God’s creation. When your child is scared, teach them about God’s protection and presence.

Keep reinforcing the message: Your child is more likely to retain information if he/she is constantly exposed to it. Keep bringing up God’s Word through family life.

Avoid bribes: It’s understandable to want to give your child candy for learning a bible verse or going to Sunday School. However, your child is going to end up focussing on the reward instead of the lesson.

Make it fun: There are a lot of ways to make learning fun. This will look different for everyone, depending on how old your child is. Incorporate activities that encourage curiosity and delight… Jesus wasn’t dull or boring. His first miracle involved changing water into wine so people could enjoy a wedding! Your child is going to enjoy developing a faith practice if it’s as fun as possible.