Fostering a relationship with God nourishes our Spirit and enriches our life. Studies show that people who live a spiritually fulfilled life are also able to cope with stress, grief, anxiety, and substance abuse. Here are four ways embarking on a relationship with God will enhance your mental health.

A community will help you foster safe social engagement.

Being a part of a church community, parish group, or prayer group initiates a social connection with our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Meeting regularly with people with shared belief systems is crucial to staying mentally and emotionally healthy. It also fosters a support system that can help you cope with mental challenges, keeps you mentally agile, and gives you a greater chance at happiness.

Rituals help you cope with difficult life situations.

Going to church, praying, and Bible study are all rituals that give our life meaning and structure. In many ways, they mark and distinguish the hours of our day and the seasons of the year. Structure and routine give us predictability and comfort when life gets chaotic, complicated, or stressful.

It gives you perspective.

If you devote yourself earnestly to studying the teachings of Jesus Christ, you will learn how to live by the principles of charity, forgiveness, love, and gratitude. Our lives as followers of Christ are no less complicated than the lives of non-believers, yet we gain perspective that can provide an antidote to depression, anxiety, and stress.

Prayer allows you time to ‘take a pause.’

Prayer is a powerful tool. It allows us to surrender the burdens and worries of our minds to God’s Will. The more you pray, the more faith-filled your life will be. However, prayer also necessitates stepping back for a moment when you get overwhelmed. This can help us cope with the anxiety of circling thoughts, slow our heart rate during a panic attack, and even help us deal with grief, depression, and other difficult life situations.