There’s a lot of Christian content on Facebook but it can be hard to find a page that’s right for you. We’ve trawled the popular social media site to find five fantastic Christian pages on Facebook.


YouVersion is a popular Facebook page that focuses on the personal, everyday experiences of being Christian or seeking Christ. The page is carefully moderated to ensure that all content is Christ-centric and relevant to our specific cultural moment. It creates original content that will give you food for thought for the day. There’s an active comment section where you’ll find Christians from all walks of life.

Bible Verse of the Day

This private page is focused on breaking down scripture for Christians of all denominations and for non-Christians too. Unlike many groups online, this one stands out for its non-judgemental page policy. The page’s moderators operate on the principle that God’s Word embodies universal love and compassion. All differences of opinion are conveyed respectfully and there is no cursing or incendiary language in the comments section.

Jesus Loves You

Browsing through this page’s timeline reveals fresh, cheerful content, inspirational stories, video clips. It’s got an active bustling community and is a perfect Christian pick me up for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or sad.

Digital Bible

Digital Bible is the Facebook Page for the United Bible Societies which is entrusted with the mission of making Bibles available and accessible to global populations. Expect to find updated versions of old Bible translations that will resonate with you, verses for every situation as well as news about Digital Bibles work and Mission. This is a perfect page for anyone who wants to let God’s Word guide their choices and lives.

Jesus Daily

Jesus Daily, an active Facebook Faith Page has daily devotionals, Bible verses, gospel messages, and links to Christian content online. Liking or commenting on a post brings it to your friends’ timelines so you can also do your bit to share the Gospel and spread God’s love.