Daily Bible study is a crucial component of the Christian Faith. By actively engaging with the Word, we can seek and know Jesus in our daily lives. Traditionally, resources like daily devotionals, journals, and Bible study resources were the way Christians studied scripture. Today, all you need is a smartphone and a pair of headphones. Check out these five Bible Study podcasts that check all our boxes.

Downtown Bible Class Podcast

This tightly-structured, non-denominational 30-minute podcast uses accessible and relatable language and examples that make for easy listening.

The Bible Study Podcast

This weekly podcast hosted by Chris Christensen is designed to help you develop a strong relationship with Scripture. Each episode offers food for thought, points to reflect on, and plenty of historical context to the reading. Christensen also references overarching themes and messages across scripture making for a well-rounded podcast.

P40 ministries

If you’ve challenged yourself to read through the whole Bible but don’t know where to start, the P40 ministries podcast is for you. This daily explanatory podcast offers a step-by-step breakdown of the entire Bible in insightful and revelatory ways. The perfect podcast for unbelievers or those looking to deepen their faith.

Bible Meditation Podcast

This podcast is styled and produced like a meditation podcast, complete with soft background music and breathing exercises. The instructor allows you to get settled in and come to a place of quietude so that you can engage with the reading from the heart rather than intellectually. The emphasis of this podcast lies with letting listeners have a deeply personal spiritual experience that brings the Bible and its teachings to life.

The Bible for Normal People podcast

This light-hearted podcast hosted by Pete Enns gets down the bones of what it means to read and study a Bible. Through interviews with special guests, listeners get a good grounding in theory, history, and context of Bible readings. There are also unique insights into what it means to have a spiritual engagement with the Word of God even as we live messy, complicated human lives.