Some people believe Christian yoga contradicts their Christian faith. However, there’s more to yoga than most people realize. It can draw you close to God, and God will draw near to you (James 4:8). Yoga has several benefits, including:

– improving muscle reaction time and coordination

– relieving anxiety, stress, and tension

– increasing your overall flexibility

– alleviating migraines

– increasing immunity

– improving memory

– deepening sleep

– reducing blood pressure

– augmenting muscle strength and definition 

Origins of yoga

Yoga is believed to have originated in Indus Valley Civilization (India/Pakistan) around 3,000 BC, much before Buddhism and Hinduism came to be. As per a biblical time frame, this would’ve been after the flood and before Abraham’s birth.

Why yoga has a bad rap with Christians

The stretches and exercises in yoga are designed to help you meditate. When a Christian performs yoga, it prepares their mind to hear from God—you’re at peace and no longer worrying about your troubles.

Some Christians believe that practicing yoga may cause them to join the spiritual realm in an undesirable manner and expose them to dark spiritual forces (Ephesians 6:12). One must remember that God knows our hearts and who we worship. Exercising in a particular way, including doing yoga, isn’t sinful or wrong because God evaluates what’s in our hearts (Mark 7:14–15, 20–23).

God-focused yoga

Scripture Yoga™, a form of Christian yoga, differs from secular yoga because, during these yoga classes, you listen to God’s Word. Participants meditate to Bible verses while performing yoga, allowing their minds and hearts to open to God. 

In some other forms of Christian yoga, people may incorporate a Christian theme or play Christian music. Casting your worries and cares to God (1 Peter 5:7), moving closer to God (James 4:8), spending time with God, and feeling God’s peace (Isaiah 26:3) are some of the spiritual benefits of God-focused yoga. Even with these benefits, Christian yoga isn’t for everyone—it’s a choice one must make based on their needs.