The story of Elijah can be found in the Old Testament. It’s in Kings I, chapters 17 and 18. Elijah’s story begins by describing the state of affairs of the Israelites. They had been governed by kings for many years and several of these kings were evil. God wanted to save his children so, he called unto his prophet, Elijah, to guide them out of suffering and corruption.  

Before Elijah arrived in Israel, God sent a drought, since he was displeased with the people.  Elijah was residing in the desert near a river, so he had enough water to drink. God had also sent ravens to bring him food. With time, the river dried up and God instructed Elijah to go to the home of a widow. God told Elijah that the widow will give him food. 

When Elijah came to the town of Zarephath, he asked the widow to get him some water and bread. Though she only had a small portion of food, Elijah assured her that God wouldn’t allow their food to diminish until the drought ended.

The widow trusted in God and their food lasted until it rained again. A while later, the widow’s son became ill and died. She believed that Elijah was the reason for this tragedy. Elijah then attempted to bring the man back to life by praying. In a miraculous event, God brought the boy back to life.

Elijah was a true man of God. In fact, he confronted the evil king, Ahab for worshiping another God. To prove that God was more powerful, Elijah challenged Ahab to a battle of the gods. Ahab’s deity, Baal, was defeated. The people of Israel rejoiced and had a newfound faith in the Lord. The Israelites lost faith in their evil king Ahab, and followed Elijah’s guidance in recognizing God’s sovereignty.